NOC & SOC Services

Services aimed at the security of Information Systems

From January 2021 the Security Operation Center has been realized. The service is carried out within an operations center with ministerial authorization, organized on two levels or “Tier” of organization.

First-level or “Tier 1” operators perform call center functions, receive notifications from all systems, carry out an initial analysis according to the model adopted. It is the job of Tier 1 operators to monitor all open sources for updates and alerts of recognized threats or discovered vulnerabilities that could be used as attacks.

In case of need and based on the specific agreements made with the customers, the “Tier 1” operators will be able to notify the customer with a predetermined priority, or engage the group of second level or “Tier 2” operators for any further investigations necessary or even initiate threat mitigation operations.

Feasibility analysis

NOC and SOC services are always provided after feasibility analysis, customer requirements, type of equipment implemented, organizational model and desired response times.

Each “Tier 1” operator works with 8 monitors to manage the information coming from the systems and evaluate it one by one, before acting. Inside our SOC there are also 3 wall monitors that summarize in real time what is happening within our customers’ systems.


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