Email Security

Email security

E-mail is still the first vector of cyber attacks, due to the fact that e-mail today is now used to send any kind of information. We are used to using e-mail to send documents of any kind, very often even sensitive documents that should never be transmitted.

E-mail is treated as open mail.

The web links (or links) included in emails and attachments are the really dangerous elements that must be thoroughly analyzed before allowing a user to open them.

The Strenght of Artificial Intelligence

The answer to this need was to create a service with a fundamental feature: the MATCH of the best TECHNOLOGIES that make use of Artificial Intelligence and Learning in order to identify even the most subtle and hidden threats.

A team of experts in collaboration with the major national and international players analyzes and monitors all the mutations of cyber attacks that the press is reporting daily in newspapers.

Cyber security, especially email security, has become a REQUIREMENT to protect the interests of the company and own’s professional life.

File-encrypting virus attacks and identity theft have become commonplace. Never before our businesses have been so dramatically vulnerable, so often without any awareness of what is actually happening, except when it is already too late.

Our Strength in the market: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE  is the base of the systems we have integrated.


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