Safe Backups

Centralized backup management

Backups of computer systems, data and information are the last chance before facing a real disaster. The management of backups of computer systems and data has been underestimated countless times, so much so as to send entire companies into crisis, because following a Ransomware attack, therefore an attack in which data has been encrypted for ransom purposes, backups are also encrypted.

The importance of the Backup

Having a backup outside the company, and having backups separate from production infrastructures are the minimum requirements that a serious approach to this function of computer systems, which is the real assurance for business continuity and survival of the company in the event of a disaster.

Managing backups in your own way, with the best technologies and with your own methodologies, requires professionalism, training, and the ability to evaluate how to guarantee the best level of security to guarantee this fundamental function in the company.

Having backups that are safe from the worst cyber threats that criminals put on the internet every day to carry out extortion is the first fundamental pillar that a company manager must be absolutely sure to have, and to have perfectly functional.

Backups are periodically tested, carrying out recovery tests and verifying that the data is correctly recovered in an intact manner, as required by current legislation.


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