Centralized Security

PC and Server centralized security

In an era in which smartworking has become a standard, the last stronghold for a company’s IT security. The security of PCs has therefore become especially critical, much more than in the past, because today new habits require us to access business applications and above all to data and information wherever we are.

Which Technologies?

The choice of the most suitable technologies that make massive use of artificial intelligence and the methods of implementation are the two fundamental pillars to ensure a good level of security.

The preventive analysis of all operational needs, understood as the set of main software necessary for the company role, access to exclusively necessary resources are essential to identify the best system configuration, without having to manage too many exceptions to security controls, which could become a weak link or attack vector.

All the technologies we choose to use, are subjected to an evaluation period of 6 months, in which they are analyzed and tested in depth, and then decide whether to implement them and integrate them to our. organizational model, which includes proactive monitoring of all events and alarms of our customers’ systems.


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