Network Security

Network Security

Network security today requires a completely different approach than in the past. Our approach is to carefully map what resources should be available to whom or what. The subdivision of the network and access only to the resources necessary both by local users, smart working users and third parties is the first fundamental rule to start a valid risk mitigation process.

Too often “flat” networks, that are not properly subdivided, are the first element that favors the spread of Malware and Ransomware, creating dramatic situations to be mitigated.


The exposure of what is happening on your computer network is the first essential fundamental element. Visibility is used to be aware of what is happening, to take to better plan mitigation actions and have all the elements to react in case of need.

Visibility combined with the creation of access rules to network applications based on role, time and context is the first element in approaching this theme which forms the first foundation.

All the technologies that we decide to use are subjected to an evaluation period of 6 months, in which they are analyzed and tested in depth, to then decide whether to implement and integrate them into our organizational model, which includes proactive monitoring of all events and alarms of our customers’ systems.


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